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Tensorflow shuffle buffer size

Shuffling begins by making a buffer of size BUFFER_SIZE (which starts empty but has enough room to store that many elements). The buffer is then filled until it has no more capacity with elements from the dataset, then an element is chosen uniformly at random.This means that each example in the buffer is equally likely to be chosen, with probability.

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この記事は. Tensorflowのtf.data.Dataset.shuffleの引数であるbuffer_sizeについて、公式ドキュメントを読んだだけではいまいち理解できなかったので、実際に動かして確認した結果のメモです。. ※確認はver 2.0.0で行っています。.

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Shuffle buffer filled · Issue #40273 · tensorflow/tensorflow · GitHub. Closed. on Jun 8, 2020.

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A number of transformations, including interleave, prefetch, and shuffle, maintain an internal buffer of elements. If the user-defined function passed into the map transformation changes the size of the elements, then the ordering of the map transformation and the transformations that buffer elements affects the memory usage.

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この記事は. Tensorflowのtf.data.Dataset.shuffleの引数であるbuffer_sizeについて、公式ドキュメントを読んだだけではいまいち理解できなかったので、実際に動かして確認した結果のメモです。. ※確認はver 2.0.0で行っています。.

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