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Scientific theories that were proven wrong

Nov 24, 2014 · Further down the wormhole: One wrong theory may eventually become right. Explorers in the 16th century sought an open polar sea, an ice-free expanse of the Arctic Ocean that would allow sailors to ....

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Hutton's theory was wrong in all sorts of ways compared to contemporary thinking. Most obviously, the Earth is not designed for human beings. And, of course, Hutton had no concept of plate.

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How it was Proven Wrong: Quite unspectacularly, the Martian canals were only proven to be a myth with the advent of greater telescopes and imaging technology. It turned out that what looked like canals was in fact an optical illusion caused by streaks of dust blown across the Martian surface by heavy winds.

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Jun 24, 2015 · But there’s a smaller subset of scientific ideas that were way before their time or right for the wrong reasons. These breakthroughs broke down and then broke through again. 1. Mendelian ....

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Many people think that scientific theories are always right and the people who came up with them are geniuses. But there have been many theories related to the sciences, including mathematics, that have been proven wrong over the years. Here are some of those more popular theories and why they were not correct. Planet Vulcan.

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