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However, in guest art and Hero Mode, he's either the same size as the kids or the size of a small child. Peregrine Mendicant/Parcel Mistress/Prospitian Monarch Minutes in the future, though perhaps not as few as implied by circumstance, a PEREGRINE MENDICANT trundles precious cargo beneath the gleam of the celestially ominous..

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Oct 25, 2016 · An Annotated Homestuck. No annotations were necessary for Act 6 Act 4. No annotations were necessary for Act 6 Intermission 4. Homestuck is a multimedia internet "comic" created by Andrew Hussie. It is referred to as a comic because this is the closest approximation we have, but in reality Homestuck does not resemble most comics at all.. Felt Pack. Created by Kalien Der Ridder. The time traveling leprechaun mobsters from Homestuck are now availible for Garry's Mod! This pack contains all 14 leprechaun members of the Felt, each made by modifying existing models to fit the physical appearances of the individual members..

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2. Your fan troll/kid must be a Hero Mode drawing (There are multiple blank templates to use) 3. The leader picture must be at least 500x500 or larger 4. A picture of the symbol of your fan troll/kid to use as an emblem for the Flag (Preferably also 500x500) 5. A song from Homestuck to use as the leader theme. The Obsidian Towers.

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in: Homestuck concepts Hero Mode Edit Hero Mode is a visual mode utilized by Andrew to emphasize a particularly epic moment in the story. Andrew originally called such images "action panels", but waited until the term "hero mode" wormed its way into his brain before sharing this nugget of wisdom with his fans.

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The roar of a rotary engine! The satisfying thudda-thudda of a .50 Cal! The exacting precision of fire-and-forget missiles! Since WWI, commanders have recognized the importance of air superiority in More >>. Sports.

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