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Gravity falls fanfiction dipper crying

Baleful Polymorph: In "Monster Falls ", Yellow Diamond hits Gravity Falls with a one-Diamond version of the Corruption blast, with Bill helping her.This transforms the humans in town into various monsters, like Dipper into a cervitaur, Mabel into a mermaid, Connie into a ghost, and Steven into the male version of a Dryad, etc., while the Gems.

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Alone A Gravity Falls Fanfic Epilogue. Mabel Pines walked into the room that once belonged to her twin brother, Dipper . Everything had been cleaned out that once belonged to the boy. It had been about three months since the incident at the school dance, but to Mabel it felt like had only just happened yesterday. Gravity Falls Yandere | Reader Bill Cipher | Romance Demon Bill Pines Dipper Mabel Journal Dreamscape X Reader Cipher Dream Demon Bill Cipher X Reader. ON HIATUS Y/N Pines is the daughter of Dipper Pines. When she goes to Gravity Falls for summer break and passes it off for a normal trip. You're My Weirdo, a Gravity Falls fanfiction Here's a ....

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Gravity Falls 6 years after defeating Bill. Mabel and Dipper are 18 now turning 19, both finished High School still unsure with what to do with their lives in the future. After weirdmageddon the teens kept visiting Gravity Falls every year when summer started, this one wasn't an exception. Wendy Blerble Corduroy (born ca. 1997) is a tall, laid-back teenager working a part-time job at the.

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