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Eigen quaternion slerp

Visualising Quaternions, Converting to and from Euler Angles, Explanation of Quaternions.

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Eigen is a very versatile library in C++ that helps to solve matrix-related problems in efficient approaches. The functions it supports includes but not limited to: Process arbitrary fixed-size or dynamic-size (unknown in compile-time) dense matrices and sparse matrices of all standard numeric types. Perform matrix decompositions and geometry. Computing the eigenvalues and eigenvectors using the symbolic quaternion form, we see that the eigenvalues are constant, with maximal eigenvalue exactly one, ... inspired to some extent by Shoemake's 1985 introduction of the quaternion slerp as a way to perform geodesic orientation interpolations in 3D using equation (5) for R (q). There are a.

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DTI based on the so called slerp-SQ metric and we have chosen the widely used Log-Euclidean metric, introduced in [21], for comparison. This spherical linear interpolation of quaternion slerp-SQ distance measure is an extension of the spectral-quaternion (SQ) measure for curve evolution. We provide arguments.

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In order to work with orientations in freud, we need to do some math with quaternions. If you are unfamiliar with quaternions, you can read more about their definition and how they can be used to represent rotations.For the purpose of this tutorial, just consider them as 4D vectors, and know that the set of normalized (i.e. unit norm) 4D vectors can be used to represent rotations in 3D.

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Return the quaternion which is the result of Spherical Linear Interpolation between this and the other quaternion. ... If t = 0 the result is this, if t=1 the result is q. Slerp interpolates assuming constant velocity. Definition at line 314 of file Quaternion.h. The documentation for this class was generated from the following file:.

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